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Would you like to support programs that are transforming the lives of girls in Kenya?

Goods for Girls is a registered charity providing girls in rural Kenya with materials and training to make their own eco-friendly sanitary items. Goods for Girls also provides education in women’s health, hygiene and reproductive health.




Your support will help provide sewing machines, fabric, tailoring training, toilets, and women’s health seminars. As we're run entirely by volunteers so your monetary donations will go directly benefit school girls in Kenya.

You can make a donation via direct deposit or you can send us a cheque by downloading our donation flyer.


We currently don't accept material donations like fabric or sewing items. We support the local economy in Kenya by purchasing these products locally.

Please note: We currently don't have Gift Recipient Status (GRS) with the Australian Taxation Office. This means your generous gift is not tax deductible. It will, however, make a significant difference to others.

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