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Susanna Matters

Susanna first visited Muhaka Village, Kenya in January 2012 as a volunteer teacher. There she met Rachel, the only female teacher at Muhaka Secondary School who explained how many girls and women in Muhaka lacked access to sanitary pads - and Goods for Girls was born! 

In 2013, Susanna was named as the Australian Women’s Weekly’s ‘Woman of the Future’ for her work with Goods for Girls. She was the Australian delegate for the World Association of Girl Guides and Girls Scouts to the 54th United Nations Commission into the Status of Women, and is a former UNICEF Australia Young Ambassador. She is currently a primary school teacher in Sydney, Australia.

Susanna travels back to Kenya regularly to evaluate Goods for Girls’ project work.

Tilly South

Tilly is a policy and advocacy specialist with a keen interest in international development and industrial relations.

She holds a Master of Policy Studies with a specialisation in refugee rights and industrial relations, having worked with refugee communities from Somalia, Afghanistan and Burma in New Delhi, India, and is an experienced campaigner and advocate, running national advocacy campaigns with organisation such as CHOICE and Interns Australia. She currently works as a senior adviser to the Northern Territory Attorney General and is a PhD candidate at the University of Technology Sydney's Business School.

Tilly has been involved with Goods for Girls from the beginning, helping to promote the message of Goods for Girls far and wide.

Elizabeth Matters

Elizabeth Matters is a nurse and nurse education living and working in Germany. She currently serves as a National Board Member of the German Nursing Association (DBfK).

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